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Best Professional movers and packers in Scarborough

Moving Company in Scarborough

As a moving company, we are committed to serving the several cities that surround Toronto. Therefore, we work hard to maintain our strong reputation inside Scarborough.

Picking movers could be a challenging task. You need to have a company you can rely on to maintain your goods’ safety. You can also anticipate cordial and prompt customer service. Nest Movers takes pride in providing all of these advantages and much more.


We are recognized as one of the Scarborough area’s leading moving companies, and our expert relocation professionals have succeeded in thousands of residential and commercial relocations.

Nest Movers have the capabilities to handle various size or distance moves. We treat every customer with the utmost attention, and we personalize our relocation plans to your specific requirements and budget

Why should you hire Nest Movers’ Scarborough moving service?

Free Quote:

If you need a moving service in Etobicoke but are unclear about how much it will cost, don’t worry; we can provide you with a free quote. You can reach us by phone at 647-227-1948 and our experts will provide you with a free estimate for your Etobicoke relocation that will aid in your decision-making.

Nest movers

24/7 Customer Support :

Our website will provide you with 24/6 chat assistance so that you could always inquire us about any concerns you may have as often as you want, 365 days a year, whether it is a workday, a weekend, or a holiday. We are available all the time to you around the clock.

Movers In Scarborough

Certified Professionals:

Because only professionals with at least two years of moving experience are hired by Nest Movers, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

Best Professional movers in Scarborough

Affordable price:

Because of the high cost, people are afraid to employ moving services; however, because we’ve been in the industry for so long, we have established efficient procedures that have decreased the expense of our services. As a consequence, we can assure you that we will provide you with the most affordable moving costs in Etobicoke.

Best Professional movers in Scarborough

Storage Facilities

No matter how vast the trip is, if you need an Etobicoke moving company, we can help you with both chores. Don’t be afraid to give long-distance moves more thought. Our pros can execute your relocation swiftly and easily because they have years of experience.

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As a Moving company in Scarborough, we offer the following services

Residential Moving

Nest Movers can make the process of movers and packers to a new house quicker and easier; over the years, we have relocated hundreds of clients successfully.

Whether you want to relocate locally or around the country, we offer our moving services for both kinds of needs.

In order to thoroughly preserve your valuables, which is our first priority because we are a moving company in Scarborough who is extensively dedicated to offering top-notch services, we assess the number of items and the destination before the move.

Then we start our service by expertly packing every item you own to prevent harm to either your existing home or the possessions you are carrying

Office Moving

Office moving is a difficult process that needs to be done with great care because it might include numerous pricey tools and requirements. These pricey objects can become broken or damaged if they are not properly cared for.

Having successfully performed countless commercial removals in the past, our professionals at Nest Movers are not newcomers to the office moving industry.

Simply unwind and let us take care of this; we promise that by the time our service is complete, you will be happy since we guarantee a swift, secure, and stress-free journey.

Specialty Moving

It’s much harder to move straps and valuables than you might think; a grand piano can easily weigh more than 1000 pounds. Large fish tanks, a grandfather clock, and the piano are just a few of the priceless and significant objects that are connected to a person’s feelings.

Nest Movers is completely aware of the value of these valuables to you and will handle them with care to prevent any issues from arising during the relocation. With their contemporary vehicles and years of experience, Nest movers which is considered as a best moving company in Scarborough can transfer your valuable and large stuff with ease.


Storage: If you’re looking for storage facilities, Nest Movers can offer you the best, most affordable option. We have all different types of space to meet different customer needs.

Storage units Scarborough:

To meet your storage needs, we have a variety of storage units Scarborough available. Whether you need to store small items or heavy bulky items and straps, our storage units Scarborough facility can help.

Our facility is strong and kept under CCTV surveillance so that you can feel secure knowing that your possessions are secure.

Multiple spaces we provide:

  1. 5’x5’ (25sq ft ) 
  2. 5’x10’ (50 sq ft) 
  3. 10’x10’(100 sq ft ) 
  4. 10’x15’ (150 sq ft )
  5. 10’x20’( 200 sq ft ) 
  6. 10’x25’( 250 sq ft ) 
  7. 10’x30’( 300 sq ft ) 

We will gladly respond to your inquiries.

Call us right now to learn exactly how we could actually simplify your upcoming relocation. Nest Movers has been performing moves for years and has built a reputation as a trustworthy and reputable moving company in Scarborough. Additionally, since we are here 24/7 to answer your queries, get a free estimate by dialing (647-227-1948)

Moving Company in Scarborough

Our specialized movers will handle your next move swiftly and efficiently.

To get started, click the Request a Quote button below, or dial 647-227-1948.

frequently asked questions

As one of the top moving company Scarborough has to offer, Nest Movers is a reputable name in the region. We have all the required equipment and trained specialists to execute your move with comfort.

Nest Movers has experience in piano moving, whether it is an upright piano, baby grand, or grand we are trusted piano movers in Scarborough that can assist you with that task.

Nest Movers is the first name in the region if you are looking for cheap storage units Scarborough has to offer. We have enough space to accommodate all types of storage needs.

Nest Movers | Best Movers in GTA

In order to deliver the best moving and storage services, Nest Movers Ltd. places a strong emphasis on quality, affordability, and safeguarding your travel.

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