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Nest Movers Ltd
Based on 120 reviews
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Mike AmobedaMike Amobeda
10:59 21 Mar 22
I didn’t expect much, judging from the ugly stories I’d read about some other movers and few experiences some friends shared. Nest movers arrived on time with very polite and skillful movers - Gurjant and Ranjit. They were patient, displayed a high sense of responsibility and professionalism. They come highly recommended especially if you are making a big move to a location that’s up to 4hrs away like I did.
Carol DavisCarol Davis
17:33 27 Jan 22
Very Professional and hard working crew, did my move so smoothly - we were really impressed. Not a single damage and great value for money. The team is young and energetic - very positive attitude. The owner was very pleasant to talk to and I really admire the way he manages his team remotely also. Very strong understanding of 'White Glove moving' & service delivery. Strongly recommend this team to anyone.
Ruiz MarioRuiz Mario
10:57 14 Jan 22
Moving and storage service was the perfect choice for my Queens to Manhattan move! My movers were right on time, friendly, and very careful with all of my belongings. The whole process took less than three hours and could not have been more smooth. Excellent value. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Xander PootXander Poot
16:17 13 Jan 22
Moving and storage service made my move extremely easy. They handled my belongings with care and set up the items in my new place accordingly. The team was personal and professional. Highly recommend.
kikou vineskikou vines
22:56 16 Nov 21
They had lots and lots of heavy furniture and workshop tools and boxes to load and unload and carry up and down stairs and they were extremely professional and careful with everything. We ended up completing our move ahead of schedule and under budget thanks to the efficiency and professionalism of the Nest Movers Ltd team. Thank you so much.

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