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We Value The Significance Of Your Priceless Belongings

It’s not fun to move a bulky, antique specialty instrument. People frequently find themselves unable to part with such old items because of the sentimental significance they hold. The best course of action is to look for a Specialty movers in Toronto. With their experience in this industry, Nest Movers will more than adequately meet this criterion.

No matter what type of piano you intend to move an upright, baby grand, grand piano, car moving or pool table, our staff can do it without causing you any stress. 

What we understand before coming forth for Strap Moving

The amount of steps in an apartment is just as important as the type of flat in affecting your strap moving. When transporting heavy objects, the terrain type is given special consideration to prevent any kind of property damage.

Our trucks, which have hydraulic tailgates and are fully stocked with packing supplies and tools to disassemble specialized equipment for safe transport prior to installation at your new destination, handle the entire moving process.

Our team starts by gently packing the equipment and removing it from the area. According to the weight of the machinery, we work as hard as we can.

Our specialty moving services

Piano moving

No matter what type of piano you intend to move—an upright, baby grand, or grand piano our staff can do it without causing you any stress. 

In the case of local and interprovincial hauls, Specialty movers in Toronto are sensitive to your feelings and ensure careful piano moving service without any impairment.

We make an effort to get familiar with the equipment you own. What kind of piano is it, if one, if that’s the case? It might be an electric keyboard, a concert grand piano, or a compact upright.

Depending on the type of equipment and the area you live in, we develop the moving plan. For instance, we need to consider how to get a concert piano out of an apartment with a little door if you live there.

We prioritize providing a secure piano moving service. Our team is aware that maneuvering 1,000-pound pieces of equipment require considerable effort and commitment. Our staff members are competent, well-trained experts. 

We offer our clients our greatest willingness. The Specialty movers in Toronto team’s successes are a result of providing specialized moving services for a prolonged time and earning countless good reviews thus far.

Aquarium & Fish tank moving

Moving locally or over long distances can be stressful enough without having to factor in an enormous fish tank moving, but wow do they make things a lot more difficult than they would have been otherwise.

If movers are not prepared for the work and lack general knowledge of moving tanks like cichlid tanks throughout a household move, shifting a huge fish tank moving is a difficult undertaking that might make even the most fearless local movers tremble.

Grandfather clock moving

Do you require expert moving assistance for your Grandfather clock moving? You can entrust Nest Movers to safeguard your most valuable things, like a Grand Father Clock, because we have years of experience and have conducted several moves. 

It takes specific clock understanding for a grandfather clock moving correctly and safely, which is no easy undertaking.

Pool table Moving

Pool tables are incredibly heavy yet remarkably delicate. They are challenging to disassemble and even more challenging to level and prepare for play. Hire the assistance of a pool table moving specialist like Nest Movers rather than attempting the difficult and time-consuming task of transporting them yourself.

Car Moving

When moving their car, most drivers are highly concerned about this, especially if it’s a long-distance transfer and prices might be very expensive. Car moving service is provided by Nest Movers at quite an affordable rate. We are equipped with the resources to transport your vehicle and deliver it to the desired location.

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After hiring our services, you'll surely agree that the facilitation cost was worthwhile.

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If you need to transport your sentimental and sensitive equipment to storage, Nest Movers will stand strong behind you. Our climate-controlled storage facilities are monitored by CCTV.

Our expert movers will handle your future move effectively. To get started, click the Request a Quote button below, or dial 647-227-1948.

frequently asked questions

No, you should not attempt it. Certainly, moving a baby grand or grand piano is a laborious task that necessitates proper knowledge and resources. It is best to hire a professional, such as Nest Movers, for the job, or you risk damaging your costly instrument.

Our experts have been moving a piano for years, and with our resources and equipment, we will easily relocate it without disrupting your belongings at home.

Yes, we do move straps. Because moving heavy furniture is not a task for novices; proper expertise and resources are required to lift these heavy objects. Nest movers are extremely knowledgeable in this regard.

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In order to deliver the best moving and storage services, Nest Movers Ltd. places a strong emphasis on quality, affordability, and safeguarding your travel.

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