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Nest Movers Specializes in Specialty Moving For Years

Moving a heavy and old specialty instrument is no game. More than often people cannot leave such antique pieces due to sentimental values attached. The best way out is to seek the specialty moving service. Nest Movers will take care of this requirement pretty nicely with the years of working in this field. No matter if you are planning to shift your upright piano, baby grand, grand piano, China cabinet, hutch buffet, or pool table to your new space – our team can perform this task without giving any stress at all.  Nest Movers understand your sentiments and ensure a careful moving service of the equipment with no damage in the cases of local and interprovincial haul.

What We Understand Before Coming Forth For Speciality Moving

We try to get well-versed with the type of equipment you own. If it is a piano, then what is the type of piano? It could be a small upright, a concert grand piano, or an electric keyboard.

We formulate the moving strategy based on the type of equipment and the space you are living in. For instance – If you are living in an apartment with a narrow entrance, then we have to think of ways to get a concert piano out of there.

Not just the type of apartment that bothers our facilitation, but also the number of stairs has a role to play. Special consideration is given to the terrain type to avoid any kind of damage to the property while moving heavy equipment.

All the moving is done via our trucks that possess hydraulic tail-gates and are well-equipped with the packing materials and tools to dismantle the special equipment for a safe haul before installation at your new space.


Our team begins with the safe packing of the equipment and takes it out of the space carefully. Depending on the weight of the equipment, we put our best at work.

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What to Expect from Nest Movers For Specialty Moving Service

We focus on giving a safe and sound specialty moving. Our team understands it takes a lot of effort and dedication to smartly move 1000 pound equipment. Our professionals are experienced, trained, fine & fine, well-communicated with WSIB and background checks. We put our best willingness forward for our clients. Providing specialty moving service for a long time and receiving numerous positive feedbacks so far contribute to the achievements of the Nest Movers team. Our services will surely make you say – worth the cost of facilitation. In case you require to move your special and sentimental equipment to the storage – even then, Nest Movers is standing tall with you. Our climate-controlled storage units are under CCTV surveillance that can be a temporary home for your belongings without any hassle.

Contact us to get your quote right away. We are ready to give our best, multi-faceted moving service.

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