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Nest Movers is dedicated to preserving your privacy and we respect it. This privacy statement from Nest Movers explains our policies and procedures on privacy, how your information is collected online, and how it is utilized. will follow government guidelines and not try to violate them, and we care deeply about and value each client’s privacy, which is crucial to us.

What we gather ?

Any information you enter through our contact form or site assessment form will only be used to respond to your inquiry.

We do track IP addresses and user sessions, but exclusively for security reasons.

How we employ this data ?

All of the data you provide will be used discreetly at Nest Movers to assist us to respond to your questions or fulfilling your needs. In the case of client data, we use the contact details of current clients to send them direct email updates and offers at Nest Movers.

What we avoid doing ?

We have no control over the policies of websites that link to or from 

Your contact information and any other details you provide will never be shared.

Changes in Policy

This privacy policy may occasionally be modified. To make yourself acquainted with the most recent policy, you can come back to this page at any time.

If you think we are not abiding by our privacy statement, please let us know right away.